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Antique Fairs

Throughout the year, I regularly stand at antiques and collectable fairs across the country. See below for details about the fairs I like to attend.


Please be aware that due to the current COVID-19 situation, dates of fairs may be subject to change, so always confirm with the venue before attending. 

Antique fair.jpg
Lincoln Antiques

Lincoln Antiques & Home Show 

Arthur Swallow Fairs

Lincolnshire Showground

Epic Centre

Newark Fair
newark overview small.jpg

Newark International Antique Fair


Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground

Crocker Building NR2

Peterborough Fair

Peterborough Festival of Antiques Market


The East of England Showground

Main Arena

Kempton Sunbury Fair

Kempton Sunbury Antiques Market

Sunbury Antiques

Kempton Park Racecourse

Main Building

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